How to Select the Right Services for Your Budget

How to Select the Right Services for Your Budget

Evaluate Your Budget and Create a Plan for Success

I wish every project had million-dollar budgets.  But the reality is, most businesses are trying to do more with less. I understand this, so I have several options for you.

  • DIY – Do It Yourself
  • Start small & upgrade later
  • Sky’s the limit– hire our team to design & write everything (Our favorite option!)

For most small businesses, projects wind up being a combo of the above.  I will advise you on the best way to use your budget.  Some things to consider:

Start with the Basics on your Website & Upgrade Later

If you have a limited budget, I recommend a simple website to start, with upgrades to your website later. The “extra” in your budget can go towards training and strategic consulting to assure that your brand is clearly delivering your message.

Consider the Value of Your Time

I have over 25 years of experience in getting businesses up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t waste your time trying to “figure it out” on your own or risk making critical mistakes. The best return on investment will be to let an expert set it up while you concentrate on your business.

Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities

If you use YOUR time to focus on revenue-generating activities, then you can STRATEGICALLY outsource things that will suck up your time & energy. Thinking about your task list like this is often a fast way to increase your Return on Investment (ROI). You should focus on:

  • Working with paying clients
  • Scheduling discovery sessions with leads
  • Actively asking for referrals
  • Following up with contacts
  • Attending the right networking events
  • Promoting your fastest path to profits
  • Sending email followup to your contacts
  • Phone calls to your contacts
  • Sending proposals or billing clients
  • Speaking or teaching to attract leads

I help my client make decisions as part of Brand Strategy sessions. Let’s talk.

Your project can be broken into phases of training, strategic consulting and web design services. The recommendation for services and how long each phase will take is based on your resources—your time, money & energy—to be put towards your project. My process is designed to work with you in a series of the next right steps. This can be in as little as 30-minutes. Just keep moving forward, and you’ll see progress!

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