5 Ways to Make Promotions Appeal To Your Target Audience

5 Ways to Make Promotions Appeal to your Target Audience

The ultimate expert on your promotions isn’t you or a marketing guru. It’s your customers.

They’re the only people who truly understand whether your promos are meeting their needs. All you have to do is listen to them and create promos and sales events based on their feedback.

Here are 5 things they’d be telling you about your promotions if they could.

“Make It Valuable”

The real purpose of a promo isn’t to offer a steep discount or cheap goods. It should offer value. A “great deal” is a product or service that solves a specific problem and provides tangible benefits.

Create your promos from the customer’s point of view. Don’t just make it cheap, think about how you can make it valuable.

“Don’t Bother Me Too Much”

Your customers will love you if you offer high-value deals throughout the year, but they don’t want you to bother them too much. If you pop up every week with another sale, they’ll start tuning you out.

You should plan some valuable promotions during sales slumps, when you need a boost in income and they need motivation to buy.

In between promos, offer helpful content that provides information that solves problems for your audience. If you do this well, they’ll pay attention whenever you pitch a promo.

“Don’t Offer a Discount Right After I Paid Full Price!”

The last thing a customer wants to see is a great promotion for a product they just paid full price for. If your timing works out like this, your efforts can backfire and you may even lose customers.

There are a number of ways you can prevent this from happening. Don’t offer sales immediately following peak buying season – give it some time. Or, create a clearance sale for items that very few people have purchased.

“Listen to What I Told You Last Promo”

When you start planning your promos, go over past sales and look at successes and failures. The key is to duplicate successes and learn from the failures so you don’t repeat them. Your past sales history is feedback from your customers.

They tell you what they think about your promos by buying or not buying.

“Make It Relevant & Personalized!”

How well do you know your customers? Start with their preferences and tastes when you start crafting your offers. Try to understand what they want from you. Connect your promos to events in their lives and offer products they can use.

The more relevant and personal you can make your promos, the more successful they’ll be.

Need help building your successful promotional calendar?

When planning your promo calendar, use feedback from your customers so you can create offers that are perfect for them.

It also helps to get outside feedback to review your options and help you create a marketing plan and materials to generate sales.

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