What Domain Names Should You Register to Protect Your Brand?

What Domain Names Should You Register to Protect Your Brand?

Previously, I posted about 3 critical reasons to register multiple domain names.

Here are some strategies for deciding what domain names you’ll need to register.

Register variations of your business branding

Buy variations of your name, business name, misspellings, tagline, products & services, etc. This prevents misrepresentation of your business or confusion with similar names.

Register products or services, titles of events or special offers

Forward your extra domain names to your website or a specific page. If you have taglines, forward those to your main website. If you are launching your new brand, check to see if the domain is available so people don’t get YOU confused with someone else.

Notice on my graphic above that I have the URL www.bytesizedtips.com. This goes to my blog. I selected this because I wanted to focus on the useful information, not me.

Another client of mine has a short URL of www.findclutterrelief.com that leads to a great video series with 5 tips. The URL says exactly what the offer is. This can be used to easily tell someone how to find your special offer.

Register YourName.com

Have this forward to your bio on your website, your LinkedIn profile, a speaker kit, a mini site like www.lindaschenk.com or a custom landing page that points to multiple websitesAs you build your business, one day you may want to change your brand. You will always have your name!

When I got married last year, one of the reasons I opted to keep my name was that LindaYoung.com wasn’t available. OK, that was only part of the reason, but I did check it!

Register your social media usernames

If you have usernames on sites like Twitter of something like @jackiesellshomes, then make sure you ALSO have that as a domain name. Forward it to your main domain name, or a page on your site with all of your social network links.

Keep registering your old brand names

One person I know let her domain expire and now it’s a CASINO site!

When it comes time to renewing domain names, I suggest renewing anything that people might associate with you. Be extra careful to renew old business names, and keep old email accounts active. You can forward them to your current email and website. Over the years, people have known me as www.cirquel.com and www.socialmediaworks.net. I still get a TON of email from old clients at those emails. And just last week, someone shared Social Media Works on Facebook!

Forward them to your current sites, or add a note that points to your new site. I have left up Cirquel.com because it’s a portfolio of my work. I have a landing page up at Social Media Works, then I forward the rest of the pages. Think about the strategy you need, and get it in place.

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