How to Create Relationships with Your Local Customers

How to Create Relationships with Your Local Customers

Hyperlocal marketing can be focused on a specific city, county, or even a specific neighborhood within a community.

At its core, hyperlocal marketing strategies should include creating relationships with your customer.

Your marketing plan will educate people about your products and services within your local community.

You can use both online and offline hyperlocal marketing strategies. These strategies can focus on using local search terms to get local internet traffic, and/or using other hyperlocal strategies to focus on making connections in the local community to further your marketing efforts.

Whether online or offline, hyperlocal marketing strategies will boost your sales any time of the year. Use all the tools available to you to further your hyperlocal marketing strategy.

BOOST YOUR SUCCESS: Your online brand can enhance all of these strategies. Use social media, your blog, and email marketing to promote the hyperlocal strategies you choose. Create a promo graphic on your website, drive people to a special landing page, encourage them to sign up for your email list.

By making a small tweak in your online strategy when you add to your marketing plan, you can LEVERAGE YOUR EFFORTS FOR BIGGER RESULTS!

Try using one or more of these strategies with your online brand:

1. Blog with a local focus

Online strategies can be hyperlocal by simply focusing your blog on local events, terms, and customers. A blog can address the specific needs of your local community, which may even build a stronger community around it!

2. Host local events

Business after hours, Meetups and other groups are always needing hosts. Why not step up and volunteer your location. This will broaden your network and provide advertising before, during & after the event!

3. Collaborate with complementary local business

There are local businesses who market to your audience but who do not directly compete with you. Join forces and you can both reap the benefits. Share what you are doing together with one of the other strategies listed here.

4. Raise money for a local charity

Local non-profits are always looking for sponsors. Offer your name, and your support to a completely local charity to take advantage of the networks offered by everyone connected to the charity.

5. Have a local contest

Get buzz in your local community by hosting a competition! Offer up prizes related to your business or your local partners. You can use your blog, YouTube, advertisements and all of the above to promote your contest.

6. Create YouTube videos with a local focus

Mention your local community in a YouTube video — you’ll get a boost from Google, too. Include local keywords in the description and focus your entire video to your local customers.

7. Advertise in local newsletters

Other people probably have local print and online newsletters. Place your advertisements with them as long as they market to your target audience.

8. Run a local TV ad

The more your local area sees you and your business, the better. Even if you can only afford off-time advertisements, consider creating a local TV advertisement. Call to ask the rates – you might be surprised.

9. Appear on a local TV show

If you cannot afford a TV advertisement, be a guest on a local show. The local news reporters are always looking for sources and locally focused stories to tell their audience, all the better if you create the story for them.

10. Use daily deal sites

Sites like Groupon, Yelp! and other daily deal sites that allow you to focus your target audience locally are a great idea. Do ensure that you do it more than once. The average number of times it takes to get results is seven. (Know your numbers before doing this — between the discount and the split of cost with the deal site you may be losing $$ if you can’t upsell customers once they are introduced to your business.)

TAKE ACTION: Regardless what kind of small business you have, you can benefit from a hyperlocal marketing strategy.

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