Use Your Business Cards to List Social Networks & Calls-to-Action

Use Your Business Cards to List Social Networks & Calls-to-Action

Ask people to connect to your social networks, get a free report or do an intro call in a conversation & with info printed on your business card.

You may be missing a simple and inexpensive way to attract people to your website, social networks, call-to-action and more!

It seems like such a simple place to start…after all, business cards are probably the most TRADITIONAL form of marketing… but it’s a super easy and inexpensive way to get started with your online brand. Real conversations happen around business cards, so you can use this as an opportunity to suggest a follow-up method online.

If your current cards don’t have your online branding on them yet, don’t worry. Look at the other person’s card… if they list social networks, ask if they want to connect.

Then update your own cards as soon as possible. Just this week I ordered a new set of business cards, even though I had a ton of my old ones left! Why? I wanted my new business cards to better reflect the changes I’ve made in my business goals, target audience and marketing message. Your cards can do this, too!

When I first launched my business, I ordered thousands of cards, thinking I was smart to get a better price per card. However, my brand shifted long before I got through the first box.

Since then, I’ve been ordering smaller batches (you may want more if you go to a lot of large events). This way, I can update my cards almost as often as I update my online brand. Order small batches if you are just figuring out your brand so you can change them often.

Use the same colors and styling on your business cards & all of your marketing (online & offline).

Your brand can stand out and look professional with this very simple trick. You don’t need a fancy logo, just a nice “clean” font that you use on all of your marketing.

Add URLs to help your contacts take action.

You can also list your social networks. I am “virtuallinda” everywhere, so this saves me space on my cards. If you have longer URLs that are hard to fit and not the same on all social networks, this can be a bit tricky. If so, pick 1 or 2 (such as Facebook or Twitter) where your network is most likely to be. Then—here’s the key—when you swap cards with someone, ask if they would like to connect on that network. Send them an invite, or suggest that they find you with the URL that you have on your card.

Add a “compelling call to action” that you have on your website and in your elevator pitch.

The backside of the card can be used for this. Now, some people prefer the back to be white, so people can take notes. I prefer 100% of people seeing your offer, especially when it’s something that is really going to help your ideal client.

Here are some examples of business cards that I’ve designed:

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