Online File Storage Tools

Online File Storage Tools

Your files are backed up and you can even return to older versions or restore deleted files. Advanced tricks make it even more powerful as a tool for your business.

Dropbox is an online virtual storage utility that allows you to bring all your photos, documents and videos anywhere, and share them with other people in just a couple taps.

Dropbox is free for Windows, Mac and Linux that connects a desktop folder with access via a website and mobile phone application. You can pay for more storage space or get it by telling others about it.

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Dropbox for Business

Dropbox has a admin console for teams, and business features like single sign-on for businesses. For users, SSO means ease — one fewer password to remember and one fewer step to get to your work. Once logged in to your system, there’s no need to sign in to Dropbox separately.Dropbox syncs your important work across all your devices. Your files are backed up and you can even return to older versions or restore deleted files. And getting started has never been simpler.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Send documents via email to Dropbox –
  • Send a document from a web link to your Dropbox –
  • Make Dropbox your default documents folder
  • Upload your mobile photos

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Dropbox Master »
  • DropboxGet as much free space as you can
  • Keep your iTunes in sync
  • Recover deleted files
  • Upload mobile pictures automatically
  • Enable two-step verification for extra security
  • Share large files and folders easily
  • Back up Facebook, Instagram and Flickr pictures
  • Download torrents automatically
  • Sync selectively
  • Favorite a file for offline access

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15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On Dropbox »
  • Automatically back up your photos from your smartphone
  • Make your Dropbox Documents folder your “My Documents” folder
  • Star certain files on your smartphone or tablet for offline viewing or listening
  • Back up your entire Android phone so you never lose anything
  • Stream music from the cloud
  • Share music and photos with friends
  • If you have enough space, store your entire music library in Dropbox
  • Send and receive large files using DROPitTOme
  • Send email attachments automatically by enabling ‘send to Dropbox’.
  • Back up your WordPress blog
  • Host a website from your Dropbox
  • Request files from individuals even if they don’t use Dropbox
  • Protect your Dropbox files with BoxCryptor
  • Read PDFs on your iPad through the iBooks app
  • Use DropBox for version control

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20+ Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox »
Backup Box Transfer files between two different cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box
Dropbox Automator Create your own ‘rules’ that help you automatically process files
BoxCryptor Encrypt files before it is uploaded
Dropbox Folder Sync Addon Sync folders outside of your Dropbox folder
MacDropAny Mac version of Dropbox Folder Sync Addon and works the same
JotForm – Dropbox Forms Send data from a website form to Dropbox
Dropboxifier ‘Trick’ application files to read and write to Dropbox
DropboxPortableAHK Run Dropbox from your flash drive which means you can sync and have all your files with you on the go
DROPitTOme Upload files directly to your Dropbox account
DropLink Drag and drop from a Mac desktop folder to Dropbox
DropTunes Stream your music files from Dropbox
DropVox iPhone audio recording app to instantly uploads the files
Gimme Bar Save images, text and even most videos to your Dropbox directly from a web browser
DropPages Host a website with your Dropbox account
Automatically Print Documents with Dropbox Visual Basic Script to send to a printer
IFTTT Short for ‘If This Then That’. Create ‘Triggers’ and ‘Actions such as adding to Dropbox
KISSr Free web hosting service that uses Dropbox
Otixo Connected your services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, or Google Drive Another simple web hosting service that uses Dropbox
Send to Dropbox Free service that allows you to save your email attachments
sideCLOUDload Handy way to get your files ready on your computer from your mobile device
Site44 Another web-hosting service, Site44 will give you the domain name
SortMyBox Sorts out your Dropbox for you with ‘Rules’ created by you
Writebox Simple online text editor that links to your Dropbox folder


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